Sunday, 29 May 2011


why slug more slug

1- Slug is so much light than snail who have shell to copy slug technology.
2- The snail use the shell because is a fucking faget.
3- snail got crush so easy, and you can give the slug to ur dog chew and it ll still eat lettuce.
4- shell is MORE heavy than no shell.
5- some slug have internal shell because more evolved

6- Your cousin will not want to stay on your house to play slug.
7- If you trow the slug on the wall, the wall will go up.
8- Trow both on water and watch which will come up first.
9- slug at mate will make a slimecord. The snail will show dribble.
10- All slug are hermaphrodite. Snail is too but because faget
11 - slug is the name of a bullet. Snail means it is slow.
12 - Slug will eat carrion, slug dont give a fuck
13- slug didn’t needed an upgrade. Slug is perfect

I didn't make this, but it made me laugh


  1. Oh man lol that list was too short xD

  2. Haha what is this from? I like it! Snail is a hermaphrodite cause its a faget, I never knew!

  3. I'll be honest, I didn't understand any of this lol.